Energy and Cleantech

In our modern world with the old industrial nations and the newly developing markets, more energy than ever is needed. Natural resources such as coal, oil and natural gas will sooner or later be exhausted. Since these natural resources are becoming scarce and constantly raise in price, it has become necessary to develop new methods to gain energy. Thus huge wind parks have been developed to gain electricity. Private households, factories and especially farms have set up solar panels to become self supportive as far as electricity is concerned.

Since coal still is used to produce about 40% of the electricity needed worldwide, it is of the utmost importance to develop plants that will have lower to no CO2 emissions. But the development in this area is very slow. Energy gained from water power is also still an alternative and is used in many parts of the world as are nucclear plants.New methods have been developed to gain fuel from naturally growing biological materials.

Architects have been designing houses and buildings that will contribute to conserving energy using new insulation methods and new building materials. The houses are equipped with computer equipment that will turn heat on prior to the owners return to the house and turn it off upon the owner’s leaving, thus creating huge savings in electricity.

Clean Technology

From the need to open up new sources of energy and resources and the obligation to use the still available resources in a responsible way, a whole new field has opened up in technology, which will offer a lot of jobs and opportunities for the future: The field of Clean Technology. Clean technology comprises any idea that uses less natural resources, generates less waste material and is protective of the environment, while at the same time increasing productivity and reducing costs and waste.

A lot of investments have been made in developing energy saving equipment, starting with the simple light bulbs to household appliances and to factory machinery.

The car builders have been developing engines that run on biological fuel or on electricity.

Recycling of materials, such as metals, plastic, paper and more, has also developed into a major business and also falls under the clean technology field.

In the past couple of years a new awareness has been created concerning air and water pollution. Even the newly developing countries are realizing that pollution has to be decreased and a lot of funds are being invested in developing ways and means to creating a cleaner environment. Water is one of earth’s most valuable resources and thus water sanitation is one of the major issues to be solved. New filter systems have been developed to remove chlorine, sedicments and other compounds from water.

Since the field of Clean Technology will continue to develop, huge investments will be made in this area and it will definitely be possible to make profits from investments in this field. More knowledgeable engineers will be needed in this field and Colleges and Universities will offer studies for interested students. It will be an interesting field in our rapidly growing world.

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