Healthcare & Medical devices

Examples of medical devices for healthcare are simple tongue depressors and bedpans. Complex examples of medical devices for healthcare are programmable pacemakers with micro-chip technology and laser surgical devices. The technological category medical devices include in vitro diagnostic products. General purpose lab equipment is a subcategory. Another are reagents and their test kits. This includes monoclonal antibody technology. Electronic radiation emitting products for medical application and some claims meet the definition of medical devices. A great range is diagnostic ultrasound products. Small power x-ray machines and medical lasers are more complicated ones for specialized healthcare tasks.

Pediatric medical devices are designed specifically for youth. Others are derived from adult applications. The design of pediatric medical devices is a challenge. Young people are mostly smaller and more active. The body structures and functions change throughout youth. Young people may be device users on end. This means different concerns on device longevity and long-term conditions for implanted materials.

Medical Devices from 3D Printing. 3D Printing enables producers to make devices matched to individual anatomy for patient-specific devices. Devices can be done for higher complex internal structures.

Cardiovascular diagnose and deal with heart diseases and alike health problems as complete solution or part of procedure.

Cosmetic Devices for improved appearance and impart some psychological health benefits.

Dental Devices are used to keep dental health and cure dental problems.

General Hospital Devices and Supplies are the most advanced and often used medical devices. They can have the most advanced skill requirements. Medical devices for health professionals are use to support patient care. Others are for the health ond protection of personal at hospitals and the safety is covered within this subcategory.

Home Health and Consumer Devices
Medical devices that consumers apply themselves without but for professional medical assistance in the known manners as usual medical devices. Devices differ on how people apply these devices safely and effectively.
Medical device home application suffers various problems. There is a lot to do to address problems in the home operation and to ensure patients are able handle the devices safe and effective.

Implants and Prosthetics
Some implant are permanent, some are removable. For devices, that are permanent, it is important to know, how long do they last. For devices, that are removable, it is important to know, how long the are going to be implanted and the circumstances that determine to remove them. There are several materials an implant can be made from. People should not be allergic to any of the components of the implant.

In vitro diagnostics need medical devices that can detect diseases, conditions, or infections. This are both used in laboratory and at home.

Obesity Treatment Devices is a major. The devices are designed to treat obesity in this subcategories: Lap-Band Gastric Banding Systems, Realize Gastric Bands, Maestro Rechargable Systems, ReShape Integrated Dual Balloon Systems and ORBERA Intragastric Balloon Systems.

Surgery and Life Support Devices are used to support lifes in critically-ill patients, in surgical operations or to enhance daily quality of life.

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