artificial inteligence

Text in Englisch: Künstliche Intelligenz Ki
Surely you have heard of artificial intelligence. In the last years the science made enormous progresses in this field. But do you know what artificial intelligence is and how it can make our lifes easier?

What is artificial intelligence?
It can not be really defined what artificial intelligence is because there is no set definition for intelligence. Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science. The scientists want to program a computer so that the computer can imitate a human intelligence. The scientists want that the computer can solve problems without a person who operates the computer. They want to go so far that this computer can show emotions and a self – confidence like real humans.
The scientists say that intelligence is a mind implemented by any patternable kind of matter. Because of this they think that the brain is no requirement for intelligence.

History of artificial intelligence
The first scientist who spoke from artificial intelligence was John McCarthy. He organized together with Marvin Minsky, Nathan Rochester and Claude Shannon the Dartmouth Conference, where the artificial intelligence became an academic subject. This conference was in 1956. Since there the science works very hard at this subject and makes enormous progresses.

Why artificial intelligence?
Artificial intelligence do not mean only robots like we see them in science – fiction movies. We are far cry from this robots, so there is no danger that the robots control us.
But everyone of you had already contact with artificial intelligence. For example if you google something in the internet. The artificial intelligence filters the important information from all the informations your search request found. Another application for artificial intelligence is the translation from words or texts in the internet. If all this words have to be translated from humans, it would take a long time. Moreover it would be very expensive. Even in the road traffic is artificial intelligence used. Artificial intelligence manages the traffic lights, tram and subway. Also the Google Dricerless Car is controled by artificial intelligence.

To sum up it can be said that artificial intelligence is used in many areas of life. Artificial intelligence is no danger for us humans because well programmed computers can not replace us. Even though artificial intelligence makes our life easier and it is a very big achievement from the scientists because they worked many years to get there were we are today.

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